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We help you resolve any issues related to the design project, facades, stand, corporate identity works, retail decor, finishing works, materials, and furniture.

As Salida, we provide & offer projects for solutions according to customer needs. You can imagine and we can make it real.

We turn everything real in your mind. Just you name it and we create it with our professional team.

Facade Signboard Systems

Aluminum, Plexiglass Letters and 3d applications, Stretch Vinyl Facade Signboards, Corporate Identity Works

Coorporate Identity Works

Corporate Identity Applications, Visual Merchandising Works, Facade Signboards and Totems

Decoration / Architectural Design

Merchandise Decorations, Office & Home interior Designs

Outdoor Advertising

Megaboards, Billboards, Post Signboards, Bus Stop and Shelter Adds, Building & Car Wrapping

Siding Systems

Facade Composite Systems

Display Stands

Display Stands, Gondolas, Promotion Stands, Banners ve Modular Systems

Exhibiton Stands

Exhibition Stands, Exhibition Banners, Styrofoam Logo & Designs

Totem / Road Panels

Billboard Megaboard, Totem and Price List Boards

Modular Boards / Signalisation

Hotel Signalisations, Door Numbers, Routing Systems, Display Window Boards, P.O.P, Wrappings

Digital Printing

Interior & Outdoor Printings, Vinyl & duratrans Systems, Roll-up Printings, Highgloss Prints, Uv Printing Services, Wall Paper, Textile Printing

Led Systems

Led screen, Led Marquee & Led panels, Information Panels, Signalisation Screens, Led Projects

Plexiglass / Acrylic

Desktop PlexiStands, Wrapper, P.O.P Prints, ancillary components, Desktop Advertising Products, Supplementry items, Plexiglass Logos, Box Letters, Plexiglass Printings

Promotion Products

Gift Products, Personal Product Design & Manufacturing


Visual Merchandising, Furniture & Stand Designs, Venue Designs

Vehicle Wrapping

On-Vehicle Advertising Works, Logo Applications, Corporate Vehicle Fleet Works

Wall Advertising

Megaboard Advertising, 3D wall advertising applications, Luminous Model Works

3d cutting foam

3d cutting styrofoam Models, Box Letters & Designs, Styrofoam Cutting

Highgloss Print

8mm , 18mm OSB & Mdf Printings and Acrylic Paint, Shiny glassy like visuals

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